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First speakers confirmed

First speakers confirmed! Anne Beuttenmüller, Head of Marketing EMEA for Niantic Inc., joins the Quo Vadis speaker line-up. She has worked for Google and accompanied Niantics development from the very beginning. At Quo Vadis she will give an intensive look behind the scenes of Niantics successful games Pokémon GO and Ingress. She also will talk about marketing strategies, opportunities for other mobile game develompents and give an outlook on future Pokémon GO activities.

Wright Bagwell, CEO of Outpost Games, has worked at Cavedog, Valve, EA and Zynga. At Quo Vadis he will talk about the mission he has set out on: Turn every gamer into a performer, every game into a stage and to fundamentally change how people perceive the games business. You want to attend Quo Vadis 2017? Get your tickets here:

QUO VADIS 2017 announced: Let's meet again in Berlin! - April 24 - 26, 2017

We are very happy to announce the date for QUO VADIS 2017: April 24 - 26! This year's conference was a blast and we are looking forward to seeing you all again next spring!

Visit RESPAWN 2016 - Gathering of Game Developers in Cologne!

Are you attending gamescom 2016 or GDC Europe? Then also join RESPAWN - Gathering of Game Developers 2016, on August 15 + 16 in Cologne! Listen to faboulus speakers and meet developers from 40 countries, visit our great networking parties and take part in our matchmaking. Like QUO VADIS, RESPAWN is hosted and organized by Aruba Events.


VIDEO: Life is Strange - A Dialog between Raoul Barbet and Luc Badhagoust

"Life is Strange" is the acclaimed graphic adventure by DONTNOD Entertainment. At their panel at QUO VADIS 2016, Game Director Raoul Barbet and Producer Luc Badhagoust talked about the process of making the game and discussed various topics like: beginning of the project, inspirations, episodic format, the difficulties of the production, the feedbacks, the community and much more.

European Game Conference Alliance: Join our partner booth at gamescom 2016!

For the first time, the European Game Conference Alliance (EGCA) will have a partner Pavilion with multiple booths at the Business Center of gamescom 2016. Since Aruba Events is initiator of this cooperation betweeen game developer conferences in Europe, we are happy to announce not only that QUO VADIS will be participating, but also that - as a host - we can invite companies that cannot afford their own gamescom booth to join us.

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